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The Hazel & Bloom story.

Founded by 2 like-minded entrepreneurs with an upbringing in Scandinavia & Asia, their shared passion for traveling & interior styling has led them to chase their dreams in uncovering gems & enticing designs for the home.

Here at Hazel & Bloom we simply love traveling - wanderlust is in our veins, and all the inspiration that comes with it is such a boost of energy.

With basis in Sweden, Finland & Hong Kong, the two best friends set out to cover mile after mile, country after country to arrive at where we are today.

Our team has spent a lot of time on the road (and up in the air) and the collective experiences that are the result of covering mile after mile, country after country led us to where we are today.

We’ve had the great fortune to meet and talk to some of the most creative people on earth - from fashion designers and musicians to architects and painters, and while doing so we have had the chance to uncover new gems and enticing designs along the way. 

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”.

Nate Berkus

At Hazel & Bloom we are trying to retell the story of all of those experiences. We offer bespoke home décor  - contemporary with a Nordic touch - a hint of minimalism, natural elements and a neutral color palette.

At Hazel & Bloom we believe in paying homage to craftsmanship and personal designs, simple without being boring, elegant yet contemporary - inspired by all those special moments in life - essentially it’s about creating a home which reflects your personal stories.

And that's what we are set out to do - curating timeless pieces and accessories to make the most out of your home - with a personal touch.

Welcome to Hazel & Bloom. Welcome home.

Welcome to Hazel & Bloom!

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